Cave Spring Elementary’s Schoolwide Discipline Plan

At Cave Spring Elementary, our goal is to use Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) to teach students how to make appropriate choices to avoid conflicts and accept responsibility for their behavior.


  • The staff of Cave Spring Elementary School believes that students learn best in a structured, orderly environment.

  • We further believe that the education of the child is the responsibility of the school with the support of the parents.

  • Therefore, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is conducive to learning and in a manner that does not interfere with the teacher's right to teach or other students' right to learn.

  • We believe, through self-discipline, students learn to accept responsibility for their decisions and the resulting consequences.

  • Working as a team, all stakeholders can enhance the success of our school.

Cave Spring PBIS reward system

At the end of each day, students may earn one check (✓) if they have met expectations by showing to be respectful, responsible, and ready in all school settings. A student may receive a minus (-) by a teacher for not meeting any of the three expectations. Students also have the opportunity to earn a plus (+) in any of the categories by showing exemplary behavior, being recognized by a teacher for going above and beyond normal expectations. Please look in your child's agenda daily.


(-) Not meeting Expectations

(✓) Meeting Expectations

(+) Exceeding Expectations